To make a change all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other

Throughout our recorded history of the human race, we have had wars of some kind.  I ask.  How many people were killed that could have offered advancement instead of  wallowing in senseless societies set for their own destruction.  While women have had issues physically, men and women have hampered the females in building a better society. Women were like baby factories only to have those children to be lost in war.  This frustration is not found in our literature or history. Why not?  It did exist.  We should be ashamed of the historical record. Ancient Greeks did honor women for producing their future soldiers. One of the reasons for the failure of the Roman government was women following in the steps of the Virgin Mary and not birthing enough children to fund the Roman war machine. 

I dropped by Save-A-Lot to buy some grocery items for my office.  I joked with the cashier and put my items into the shopping cart. I have to buy the bags at this store.  When I put the items into my car, I left the coffee in the grocery cart.  When I came back thity minutes later, the employees had the coffee waiting for me.  The employee were considerate enough to remember me and hold onto the item.  I was amazed that people who passed by the cart did not pick up the coffee.  

You find Amitors everywhere.