Human: aspiring and /or dedicated to the principles of reverence for life, non –violence, and freedom from exploitation.

Amitor History

1984- Tom began a search for word to show reverance for life and non-volence

1984 - Dianna used her linguistic background and Amitor was born.

1984 - Company adopts the word calls itself Amitor was setup for commercial not related to the creator. was created to express the ideas of Amitor.


Animal: Herbivore, does not prey on other animals.

Antonym/Opposite: Predator

It is hoped that you will take note of this word and find a use for it.

mission & vision

Amitor is a new word. There is no word in English, Spanish, Russian, any European language, or any language that we have been able to research, for the state of life or behavior opposite to a predatory one.

our leadership team

Tom Hufford was searching for peace in this world.  He was a member of the Merchant Marine.  He searched on how to express peace to the world.  It is when Dianne proposed the new word.

Our founder


Tom Hufford - Deceased

Creator and advocate of the amitor principles

Wesley Hufford
Developer of this website

Dianne Kisselreads - Retired Teacher

and promoter of the Amitor principles